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NEW! Baptism Kit

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Simple and affordable baptism kit all in one place in a sturdy keepsake box with room to spare for gifts and cards. We know that finding everything you need can be frustrating, time consuming, or expensive to buy decorative kits from other vendors. We hope to make the convenience accessible to everyone.  Bottle shape may vary. Includes Free Ground Shipping.

-1 Pure Beeswax Baptismal Candle

-2 pure beeswax Godparent lighting candles

-1 Wooden Neck Cross On string

-1 50ml Decorative Glass Bottle with stopper and pure Olive Oil (shipped in a separate sealed container to prevent spills)

-2 White Towels (prewashed in Hypoallergenic Unscented Detergent)

-1 Cardboard Storage Box